[Solved] AC3 Audio Format not supported in MX Player Error

One of the most popular video players for android, which is, of course, MX Player has a lot of great options and features. Sometimes while playing a video on MX Player, you might have encountered an error “The audio format (AC3) is not supported“. Here, you will find a solution to this problem.

This might be happening because of some licensing issues between MX Player and AC3, we don;’t actually know the exact reason.

Fix AC3 Audio Format Not Supported error on MX Player

MX Player AC3 Audio Format not supported error (Quick Fix)

1. Open MX Player then Open Settings

Open MX Player, Choose Options then go to the Settings.

2. Add a Custom Codec

Check the Decoder Option. Scroll Down until you see Custom Codec option.

Custom Codec

3. Open Custom Codec

Open the Custom Codec, you will see which codec is required by MX Player.

4. Download the required Codec

This is a very important step. Download the custom codec from here. Carefully download the required codec.

5. Reopen MX Player

After downloading the codec, you have to reopen the MX Player App on your smartphone. It will automatically detect the downloaded codec, all you have to do is press “OK” if a dialog box appears.

6. Again Restart MX Player

MX Player will ask you to restart MX Player to fully support the downloaded custom codec. Now you can play your required video file with AC3 audio format supported.

Thus, with the help of these steps, you can easily add the support for AC3 Audio Format on MX Player.

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